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Why we accept Bitcoin...and why we'll never spend it...

Given the extreme uncertainty of 2020, we had to re-evaluate our company's investment strategies. One of the greatest takeaways was that the crypto space is ready to explode. More than that, it will likely become a life-boat for businesses and individuals during the next crisis that emerges. In the same way people regard gold as a safe-haven asset, Bitcoin is quickly gaining momentum as a form of digital gold where purchasing power is maintained (despite whatever fiat currency is in use).

Cash is king...until it's not.

We don't plan to invest in gold bullion, so Bitcoin is the logical asset class for a technology-driven company.

We want to be ready to keep our services afloat, no matter the external circumstances of our customers, communities, or country. We love what we do, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Helping people solve their technical problems online is literally why we get up every morning.

If you would prefer to deal in Bitcoin, we want to support that rapidly growing economy.

If you are reading this, it means we accept Bitcoin for all of our marketing packages, including all SEO orders, website builds, or PPC work. While we do not yet allow Bitcoin as payment for our custom graphics department, or our hosting platforms, we are working to get those utilities online with our Crypto account as well.

Investing in Bitcoin is investing in technology and a new, decentralized future of money and finance. We believe in the positivity of this asset class, and its ability to break down boundaries.

If you have your own Crypto wallet, we encourage you to pay for one of our packages with Bitcoin today!

**We are not financial advisors - the above is not financial advise**

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