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Be a light in the darkness...

You're an angler fish in the deep blue sea. You need to lure in your customers with a bright shiny light. Google and FaceBook Ads can be that light. It's not about tricking people into clicks - it's about having a more illuminating message than your competitors. It's about having a larger share of Search Engine Results Page capital. Sometimes you need to pay to get in front of people online, and there's an ever evolving science to it.

But it's not about paying for traffic - it's about getting traffic in front of services that are better communicated than your competitors. Buying traffic is easy - if you don't have anything worth keeping traffic at your doorstep your ad budget will go nowhere. We specialize in optimizing PPC campaigns for services, and in turn landing pages through data.

Like so many things in life, it takes two to tango. PPC campaigns and landing pages are perfect dancing partners.

Landing pages are the digital ambrosia that keeps your online visitors interested. A lot of business owners consider digital marketing only insofar as they can open up their wallets to pay for online advertising. In truth, successful PPC campaigns have very little to do with the amount of money at your disposal.

You could have $1,000,000 ready to invest in ad spend, and if you don't know what you're doing you'll lose money far faster than you're making it.

By the same token, if you take the time to understand how PPC campaigns work, what sorts of marketing funnels to build within your budget, and how to keep your customers locked in for maximum lifetime value, you're bound to be making far more than you're spending.

At the end of the day, a marketing team from a large company with an enormous marketing budget may be able to justify extravagant losses to their board of directors, but it's clearly unsustainable.

Likewise, a small company with a modest ad budget and no board of directors to report to might not have as large of a balance sheet, but if they're making more than they're spending they're actually operating more sustainably than their larger competitors.

Bottom Line: large ad budgets do not successful marketing campaigns make.

Ad campaigns and the landing pages they send people to are NOT mutually exclusive.

We Don't Sell Silver Bullets

Do you want us to sell you a get-rich-quick scheme?

Did you hear from a friend or family member that this one trick brings in 10X traffic?

If you're looking for easy marketing with 10X returns and little upfront work, we probably aren't the right advertising agency for you.

The PPC Marketing landscape is replete with "specialists" that will tell you your adspend is too small.

It typically sounds something like this: "If you'd just be willing to jump in the game and give us half of all the money on your balance sheet, we may be able to make you rich!"

If you ever hear anything that sounds remotely similar, run for the hills.

While it is definitely true that there is a threshold for meaningful results, it has far more to do with data accumulation than it does with the money itself. $300 of thoughtful ad spend is going to work far more for you than $1000 of throwing money at your problem.

Money helps, but only if you're able to monopolize on what it gets you.

The more money you throw into a campaign, the more traffic you get, which gives you more data to optimize with.

There's nothing inherently magical about this.

In fact, it takes a lot of late nights, early mornings, and good old fashioned elbow grease to dive into the numbers and understand why certain campaigns work better than others.

The actual work isn't sexy. It's the sort of number crunching that puts most conference calls to sleep. But it's what matters most. If you don't understand your data, you quite literally have nothing to base your marketing decisions on over time.

We aren't advertising a silver bullet solution here.

Sometimes silver bullets work. But every snake oil we've ever been advised to try has only worked under incredibly specific circumstances. These circumstances tend to change with the wind. They aren't based on sound fundamentals. And when they suddenly don't work people tend to lose catastrophically.

If you want an ally to help you understand your campaigns in detail, week by week, month by month, and year after year, we're definitely interested in learning more about you and your company.

We operate under the premise that slow but consistent and predictable gains are far more powerful for your business than short, volatile windfalls.

We aren't "PPC Gurus". We take a wholistic approach towards digital marketing that includes EVERYTHING about your online presence, from your campaigns, to your websites, to your local business listings.

Hello, truth seeker!