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Many Ways To Build A Website...

There's no one way to build a website. That said, it pays over time to focus on a few core Content Management Systems. While we do assist, from time to time, with the simpler DIY builders like SquareSpace, Weebly, and Wix, we haven't taken the time to focus our attention on these platforms because they're very out-of-the-box. What you see is what you get, so our ability to assist you with the actual build (from our perspective) is somewhat superfluous.

By the same token, we periodically assist with platforms like Drupal, e-commerce solutions like Magento, and app builders like Unity. Though they aren't as widely used for everyday businesses, and so we tend not to offer them as services.

1. Most business owners building informational sites use WordPress.

2. Most business owners building new e-commerce sites are switching to Shopify.

3. Most design-focused marketing departments find Webflow too good to pass up.

This is why we typically build websites using one of these three platforms.

There is enough to learn and keep on top of with these CMS solutions that we never feel like we're halted in our ongoing professional development. The reality is, the more widely adopted a CMS, the more that CMS is likely to change over time through user testing and its own internal software evolution. This is why a platform like WordPress, which was originally built with the very basic intent of providing a Tumblr-esque solution for bloggers, has grown into a sophisticated medium both easier and more difficult to use than it was in its first iterations.

Because WordPress is a more or less open platform, with every new plugin WordPress developers create, the WP ecosystem becomes that much more complicated. This is why we're able to assist so many companies with the various developments within that WP ecosystem.

Looking for dedicated hosting?

We can help! provides everything from the simplest web builders, to managed WordPress packages and dedicated servers for larger businesses. With 24/7 support, we're here to help you succeed both night and day!

Websites. Never. Sleep... and neither do we :).

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