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DIY Approach to Content Syndication

As with everything, if you're operating on a budget, there are ways of accomplishing content syndication on your own. Here are the top 5 platforms we recommend syndicating your content on (for free). If you want access to news sites, we're always here to help. But if you need to go it alone for budgetary reasons, we salute you and want to help in any way we can!

So without further adieu:

Medium - You've likely used this platform before. But here's the special sauce you can cash in on: it's a high domain authority site. So simply by virtue of landing your content on it (even if the article you're using already exists on other sites) you're getting the benefit of that domain's authority for your website. Just make sure you create the backlink!

Slideshare - Widely used to disseminate powerful ideas through a visual experience, Slideshare offers a unique way of getting your content in front of more eyeballs, and pointing those eyeballs back to your business' domain.

Quora - is an excellent site for meeting people's problems with solutions only your business is qualified to provide. Opening up an account is easy. If the information is widely sought after it can bring in more traffic to your site over a relatively short amount of time.

LinkedIn - Yes, LinkedIn. The very same platform you likely never touch until you find yourself suddenly searching for a new job and now find an immediate need to beef up on your job history details. It also provides its users with an incredible platform for content syndication.

SoundCloud - If you've never entertained the notion of building out a podcast, you might reconsider now. Reading your content aloud and then syndicating it through an audio file is an often missed opportunity to build your backlink portfolio.

If you've looked through all of this and still want assistance, don't fret. We're here to help so you can focus on your business!

Keep in mind that if you've at least struggled with accomplishing some of the things suggested above, you're bound to intuitively understand the process better (which will make you a more solid digital operator). But if you need a break, we're here to deliver! Content syndication is just a click away :). Try our Media Boost product to get started.

We're Here To Help!

#1 Media Boost - Your one stop shop for content syndication on top tier news sites. We don't have control over which sites will except your work for syndication, but we do have access to top tier news agencies like NBC, ABC, USAToday, and FOX.

#2 Press Release - Do you hate writing Press Releases? Let us lessen your load by writing them for you! We'll also send them out for syndication afterwards - so you get the best of both worlds.

#3 Keyword & Topic Research - If you haven't done a deep dive on the sorts of keywords and topics you can compete for online, you should really start here before you do anything else. We can run as much content syndication for you as you'd like, but if it's the sort of content you can't compete in the digital economy with, it's not going to push the needle much.

Full List of SEO Services

For those of you who want to dive in deep, we recommend getting to know our full suite of SEO services. From helping you to understand syndication to plain old fashioned backlink creation, take a few moments to sift through the list before settling on something. If you're completely new to this, we recommend the Keywords & Topics research above, but once that foundation has been built you'll want to periodically scan your site for full compliance with best SEO practices.

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